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You can do everything in isolation if you want, but in fact we do things best socially. In this project, you'll experiment with sharing your work!
This project will more than likely take the most time, but everything you create will be used in several of the subsequent 12 projects, so plan to be diligent to accomplish this first project. It's going to lead to some great things.
SOAR to Success
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Take a photo a day following the prompts at the Fat Mum Slim website for 30 days. Start on the day that corresponds with today, even if it isn’t the first of the month. She puts out new prompts every month, so you can start and finish at any time.
On the last day, review your work. Look carefully at all the photos. Write a caption for ten of them. Upload your photos and captions to our shared Google Drive (you might need to ‘request permission’ to access the google drive folder, but this should be a one-time thing).
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