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About Course

We work together to help YOU to establish some goals that you hope or want or need to achieve some time in the near or hopefully not-too-distant future.

I have a little bit of an advantage in coaching that I take from my other careers: instructional design, teaching, and teacher-training. I have worked for years with teachers to help them to think about and construct goals. These goals need to follow an old and very reliable formula that comes with a simple acronym to help people remember. That acronym is, of course SMART. Now, you can run and do a Wikipedia search for SMART goals, and they do a great treatment on it … but you’ll also see there is a bit of a conflict over what exactly this five-letter acronym denotes.
Here’s where the client-coach collaboration comes in. We can invent these for ourselves! So, here’s my proposal and explanation for what the acronym should stand for. Let’s start first with a generic goal that we can turn into a SMART goal.
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What Will You Learn?

  • - Prioritize and set goals
  • - Focus on achievability

Course Content

S = Specific which goes with the question ‘What is it I want to achieve?’
Keep your target detailed, that way you will easily know when you've reached it.

  • A lot! A little. Some. A whole bunch.
  • Which one is specific?

M = Measurable which goes with the question ‘How am I going to measure it?’
It's ok to feel like 'OKAY! I MADE IT!', but it's even better when you put things to numerical units. There's a difference between 'I ran a lot' and 'I ran a marathon' as we know what distance a marathon is, but your definition of 'a lot' might be my definition of 'a little'.

A = Achievable which goes with the question ‘Can I do it?’
I promise... this is the most important of all, because when you don't achieve something, you start to beat up on yourself. This is where knowing a bit about sports psychology will help.

R = Relevant which goes with the question ‘Is it worth it for me?’
No one does things for the sake of doing it. There's usually values behind doing something.

T = Time-bound which goes with the question ‘By when can I do it?’
I'll get to that soon. I promise I'll write the summary for this lesson very soon.

E = Exciting which goes with the question ‘Is this something that ‘sparks joy’ in my life?’
But wait, there's more, and we can thank Marie Kondo, professional organizer, for this lesson.

R = Rewarding which goes with the question ‘Once I achieve my goal how will I reward myself?’
Celebrate even the smallest victory. Self-care. Self-love. Practice more of it because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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