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COMING SOON: Mastery vs. Performance (Preview of Topics)

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About Course

There’s only ONE person you should be competing against.

What Will You Learn?

  • Overcoming yourself
  • Pushing to be even better

Course Content

Performance vs. Mastery – What the Olympics teaches us
Learning objectives Completing this module will contribute to your ability to : 1. Compare and contrast performance and mastery. 2. Develop a mastery mindset. 3. Know the importance of developing a mastery mindset.

  • Mastery is Key
  • Contrasting Performance vs. Mastery
  • Comparing Performance vs. Mastery
  • How to develop a mastery mindset
  • Advantage of developing a mastery mindset
  • What Michael Jordan taught us…

Approach Oriented vs Avoidance Oriented Behavior
Stick with what you do best!

Performance Mindset and how to avoid it
If you are busy minding others, then you are forgetting yourself

Mastery Mindset basics and five mastery strategies
Practice makes perfect

Next Steps
Where to go from here...

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