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The Concept | What is Ikigai? (生きがい)
A quick definition.
Reflection 1 | What does the world need?
The first question to ask
Reflection 2 | What are you good at?
Reflection 3 | What do you love?
Reflection 4 | What can you get paid for?
Intersections | Passion, Mission, Vocation, Profession
Ikigai – Your way forward
About Lesson
One’s reason for being, which in principle is the convergence of one’s personal passions, beliefs, values, and vocation: those who follow the concept of ikigai undertake the activities of their life with willingness and a satisfying sense of meaning: The Amish may know nothing of ikigai or its roots in Japanese culture, but in many respects they adhere to its principle as a matter of tradition and routine.
There’s a balance we all want in our lives, and most don’t know how to find it. One Japanese approach is, Ikigai literally translates as ‘reason to live’. By answering just a few questions about four main areas of your life, you can find your reason to live. This will provide you with the foundation to move forward to what I call ‘The next chapter of your life.’
Here’s a five-minute video overview with some suggested activities. We will go more deeply than what is described in the video, so watch it with an eye on doing more and really taking a deep dive into your purpose. You are welcome to follow along as the video suggests to take a first look at answering the main questions that constitute Ikigai.

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