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S = Specific which goes with the question ‘What is it I want to achieve?’
Start with the end in mind. Always.
M = Measurable which goes with the question ‘How am I going to measure success??’
Numbers help. They help a lot.
A = Achievable which goes with the question ‘Can I do it?’
You either can or you can't. If you think you can or you think you can't, you are right.
R = Relevant which goes with the question ‘Is it worth it for me?’
Don't do something that is NOT an investment in your heart. That's just doing a job. Make it count!
T = Time-bound which goes with the question ‘By when should I achieve it?’
Learn to set time goals. Even if you don't make them, it's then time to rethink the time.
SMART in sum
Now, put these five together...
E = Exciting which goes with the question Is this something that ‘sparks joy’ in my life?
This is the Marie Kondo lesson.
R = Rewarding which goes with the question ‘Once I achieve my goal how will I reward myself?’
Take time to celebrate your victories, because that's what self-love is all about!
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OK so I used numbers in the example in the last lesson, but that makes them specific AND it makes them measurable. You can get on a scale one day, and make a note of the weight, and come back a day or a week later, get on the scale again, and make a note again of the weight. If you’ve been doing a proper diet with exercise, then hopefully the second number will be lower than the first. You are able to measure the difference. One day you were 75 kilograms and a month later you were 73.5 kilograms. You reduced your weight by 1.5 kilograms. That’s great, and measurable, progress. So, when you think of your ultimate achievement, what means will you use to chart your progress to your goal?

This is my actual bluetooth scale to track my weight. Lately I’m terrified to get on it, because I’m going the wrong way with weight loss. But that’s for another day.

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