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S = Specific which goes with the question ‘What is it I want to achieve?’
Start with the end in mind. Always.
M = Measurable which goes with the question ‘How am I going to measure success??’
Numbers help. They help a lot.
A = Achievable which goes with the question ‘Can I do it?’
You either can or you can't. If you think you can or you think you can't, you are right.
R = Relevant which goes with the question ‘Is it worth it for me?’
Don't do something that is NOT an investment in your heart. That's just doing a job. Make it count!
T = Time-bound which goes with the question ‘By when should I achieve it?’
Learn to set time goals. Even if you don't make them, it's then time to rethink the time.
SMART in sum
Now, put these five together...
E = Exciting which goes with the question Is this something that ‘sparks joy’ in my life?
This is the Marie Kondo lesson.
R = Rewarding which goes with the question ‘Once I achieve my goal how will I reward myself?’
Take time to celebrate your victories, because that's what self-love is all about!
About Lesson

In my opinion, those who overlook this one are making a big BIG BIG mistake. it’s a very simple question, for sure, but there’s no point in making a goal of something that you honestly cannot complete. If you are like me, you start a project, like weight loss, then you don’t finish it. I’ve done that far too many times to admit, but it all came down to not having an achievable goal in the end.

’I’ll lose 10 kilograms this month’ is really not possible or achievable unless you get very very sick and you don’t eat for days. But you CAN lose one or two kilograms per month with careful planning and commitment to the goal.

Not finishing what you started is a pretty common phenomenon. Finishing something can be done if it’s a reasonable thing that is either within or slightly above your current skill set. Improvement is always a good thing if you know how to do it in increments … you know, like ‘leveling up’ in a game or having a coach who can help you decide what increments are acceptable to show achievable progress … So, when you think of your ultimate achievement, what are the reasonable increments you can put in place that will get you there?

Do 10,000 steps daily with this!

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