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S = Specific which goes with the question ‘What is it I want to achieve?’
Start with the end in mind. Always.
M = Measurable which goes with the question ‘How am I going to measure success??’
Numbers help. They help a lot.
A = Achievable which goes with the question ‘Can I do it?’
You either can or you can't. If you think you can or you think you can't, you are right.
R = Relevant which goes with the question ‘Is it worth it for me?’
Don't do something that is NOT an investment in your heart. That's just doing a job. Make it count!
T = Time-bound which goes with the question ‘By when should I achieve it?’
Learn to set time goals. Even if you don't make them, it's then time to rethink the time.
SMART in sum
Now, put these five together...
E = Exciting which goes with the question Is this something that ‘sparks joy’ in my life?
This is the Marie Kondo lesson.
R = Rewarding which goes with the question ‘Once I achieve my goal how will I reward myself?’
Take time to celebrate your victories, because that's what self-love is all about!
About Lesson

Are you making goals that in the end aren’t really fulfilling you? Who doesn’t want happiness? Make sure the goals you make for yourself will result in you being happy with your life.

This is another given in life, that we tend to slide easily into unhappiness, and it’s more than likely because we are doing things that don’t bring us the joy we seek. So just like Marie Kondo who says get rid of the clutter by talking to your things and seeing if they spark joy in you, the same should be said of your SMART goals.

An assortment of Marie Kondo books to choose from. I recommend the first two: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy: an illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying Up. Both are classic and worth the purchase.

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