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I have a little bit of an advantage in coaching that I take from my other careers: instructional design, teaching, and teacher-training. I have worked for years with teachers to help them to think about and construct goals. These goals need to follow an old and very reliable formula that comes with a simple acronym to help people remember. That acronym is, of course SMART. Now, you can run and do a Wikipedia search for SMART goals, and they do a great treatment on it … but you’ll also see there is a bit of a conflict over what exactly this five-letter acronym denotes.

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Go with the FLOW

1 Overview | What is Flow? / So what?
2 Difficulty | Sizing up the task parameters
3 Ability | Sizing up your superpowers
4 Flow | Putting it all together / Now what?
5 Strategies | Eight signposts that you are doing it right

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